India Tour & Slide Show


When I first began writing TO THE DEATH OF MY OWN FAMILY as a 10 minute play sometime back in 2003, I never dreamed that we would be touring India in theaters with standing-room-only and standing ovations for a much longer production. Nor could I imagine that it would almost start a riot in Mumbai where we had to turn away people who wanted to see the show and either call the police or do a second, unplanned performance. We chose to do the latter, as India, a country of great extremes and great people has changed our perception of the world, and the world of theater. This has also led to a strong desire to return to India to do the play again. As a matter of fact, we were scheduled to do the play from mid to late November as part of the 2008 Kathmandu International Theatre Festival and then planned to return to Mumbai for additional performances. We were even offered rooms at the Oberoi Hotel, across from the National Center for Performing Arts, where we had performed previously. This was perfect. We would be back in Mumbai in late November, around Thanksgiving, rehearsing and performing. But we couldn’t get funding for our international travel and had to cancel. Life sure could have been different.

The Venues

The Metro Plus Theater Festival at The Music Academy, Chennai

The Ranga Shankara Theater, Bangalore

The Adishakti Laboratory for Theater Arts Research, Pondicherry

The National Center for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai

The Prithvi Theater, Mumbai

A Slide Show of the India Tour
Produced by 
Q Theatre Productions